paperbacks & carousels

The story continues and breathless impatience overtakes me as his pen scribbles its crafted marks across these pages.

…he steals across my night readily armed with love…

steady. constant. sure. presence embraces heart and restores the ruins of promises yet to be;promises broken & forgotten. tears but an overture to the magnificent song he imagines that is mine.

…delight glistens in his eyes…

my soul awakens to his thoughts of me. his quiet gaze gathers me in, holding me fast toward him.

…his voice breaks the silence…

he tells me of conversations unspoken; conversations i thought no one would ever know. in my silence, he still speaks. in unwavering strength, i surrender the whispers of my heart to him.


the story continues as memories lay quietly withering in its wake. the glory of the past slowly surrendering to unknown wonders these eyes could have never dreamt to behold; shifting shades of the radiant dawn revealing glorious beauty that is the language of my soul.

[editor’s note: an old write-up i rediscovered. This picture still moves me…i close my eyes and i can see…i sit in silence, and i hear…an aroma is in the air, and i am entralled again]


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