Her faithful strength sure
Scraped knee, broken heart, white dress
Love through the seasons

mother & child



wind-cuts on my cheeks
tell tales
of the speed in which i live
but a drug that i inhale
for all the things
wanting yet to be achieved

of the invisible do i seek
no certainty
no end to the lack i perceive
like mortal cravings
for immortal feed
i hunger

night stirs silent sounds of peace
and when all is said
all done for the day
what was lost in strained pursuit
is found again in simple truth

I concede

worth more than gold
in dwellings thieves cannot behold
that deeply satisfies my soul
the I Am…

He was
and is
and will be so



Words unspoken lay smouldering in the depths of my heart
Faint yet reminding
Whispers of a life unknown
An invitation; a call to deep; a recovering

In darkness… flicker… flicker
My eyes strain to see the forming
A sound arises- still; small
Silence awakening to the breath of your calling

Arise my soul and sing
Stoke the fire within
Re-ignite what was once aflame
Let His-Story be told
Draw a line in the sand —— begin.

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