I’ve often asked myself why anyone in their right mind would bother reading what I write. I don’t see myself as an expert of any kind, or some great philosopher or prominent leader worthy of audience. But perhaps, that’s not the point.

The truth is, I’m just an ordinary woman living her everyday ordinary life whilst trying to find ways to make a difference in her world; the part of the world filled with people who matter, and in which I am present and connecting and contributing to…even if I’m not always consciously aware that I am.

I’m convinced that humanity;our humanity, needs to hear the story of its everyday-ordinary people…stories of people who are misfits in a world that idealizes prominence and miss-interprets significance for fame…people like you & me, whose only claim to greatness is perhaps experiencing life with all its imperfections and making it out the other end; still trekking on.

Yes…herein lies the foundation of this blog of life’s little lessons strewn with laughable moments, wish-i-could-forget mistakes, insights to the seasons and amusing anecdotes. My hope is that someone somewhere will benefit from the perspective of a fellow everyday-er navigating through life’s windy roads.

Come along for the ride…who knows…maybe conversations shared in this space might change both our lives forever.


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