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“Here in the West, the rapid pace of life often squeezes what is important into the periphery: the urgent displaces the important, the digital displaces the personal, the mass media affect our thinking whether we like it or not, leaving us entertained, titillated, or, ironically, bored…” ~ D.A. Carson

I don’t think it a coincidence that in a world where knowledge is more accessible to us than ever before and entertainment never a lack, we find ourselves still increasingly more dissatisfied with life. While it may seem that we have so much more control of information we need (or sometimes never even knew we wanted), we have become a people confused about who we are- our purpose, our person, our passion. Yes we are frustrated, and yet we remain disturbingly disengaged in its pursuit. We have learnt to be well-seasoned consumers, thoughtlessly giving over the shaping of our values, self-identity and dare I say finances to those who can best appeal to our stimulation-hungry senses. It is almost as if we’re afraid to give ourselves a chance to discover the truth.

Have we exchanged depth for expanse; quality for quantity; truth for information; fulfilment for satisfaction; intimacy for knowledge?

I believe that more than an ‘entertained’ life, we were designed to live a vibrant and fulfilled life. I believe that we were created for a purpose larger than our own self-satisfaction. Most importantly, I believe that in order to discover the truth…we must first allow ourselves the space and the permission to ask questions we may have no answers for, have conversations that go deeper than the trading of information & activities, and ponder the filters through which we formulate our world-views.


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